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New fic

Before I go to bed, I just thought y'all might like to know I wrote something new. Remus/Sirius PWP involving tea. Every fic I've written about them in a long time has been about food, except for that Great Expectations one. Speaking of which, I need to upload that... But, my weird fetishes aside, linkage. Comments most welcome. ^^

Also, everybody go through the entire bloody HP section at Sprunkers. I highly recommend Just Spreading a Little Holiday Cheer (Remus/Sirius), Not Even Looking (Ginny/Seamus/Dean), Red Means (Don't) Stop (Lily/Peter, Lily/Remus, Lily/Sirius, Lily/James; all at separate times), and Sexuality Crisis (MWPP era, just plain funny).

And now that I've shamelessly linked like a fiend, goodnight!
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